The year is 2075 and library cards allow school children to travel through time to witness important historical events firsthand. Young Jodie Broom has a predilection for finding and collecting real books (banned in favor of eReaders) and for using her library card creatively, much to the chagrin of her nemesis, the evil librarian Ms. Noble. In the process of exploring various eras and significant events - including World War II, the sinking of the Titanic, and the Carnation Revolution in Portugal - Jodie learns some of the pitfalls of time travel, solves some formidable problems with the help of her friends Pacman and Kai, and meets a few new friends who help her to find a way to cope with what might well turn out to be the End of the World. The hows, whys, and wheres wait for eager young readers to discover all this in a thrilling adventure that they most assuredly will not be able to put down.

Jodie and the Library Card by Julie Hodgson is a highly imaginative, utterly enchanting fantasy for “tween” readers. Jodie’s adventures teach important values, morals, and personal accountability in a painless and thoroughly engaging way. Julie Hodgson has drawn finely detailed and richly layered characters, so real that they seem to pop right off the page. Jodie’s futuristic world and her firsthand encounters with history will enthrall, educate, and entertain readers of all ages in ways few modern writers have mastered.

Jodie and the Library Card by Julie Hodgson is a consummate page-turning adventure, replete with all of the requisite hair-raising moments and plot twists characteristic of the finest classic children’s literature. Jodie Broom is a perfectly conceived and impeccably crafted heroine for young readers longing to sort out their own place in a complicated and rapidly changing world. This is a must-read fantasy for young readers, offering real-world wisdom and ideal opportunities for meaningful discussions about important life skills and life lessons.

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic story March 6, 2015

By TrishFLReader

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

The premise of this book drew me in because I am a voracious reader. I have managed to give this "bug" to my tween niece and we read quite a bit together. We both read "Jodie and the Library Card" and absolutely fell in love with it. The story of 12-year old Jody, who loves to read but is living in a future long past the time where books have been banned. She finds a way around this through time travel using her "library card". This is an amazingly original story that sucked us both in from the start. Full of adventure, suspense and even a few valuable lessons, this is on the list of one of our recent favorites.

By arky

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

I originally downloaded Jodie and the Library Card for my 12 year old niece who loves to read. After reading the description, I thought that it would truly be a book that she would be very interested in. I ended up reading the book myself with her. We both loved Jodie and how passionate she is about reading! I think it's great that the main character is a female girl and is very into reading. This helps to encourage other young girls to read and gives them a positive role model to look up to.


One of the most unique things about this story is that it is being told in the future. It is in the year 2075 and people are no longer allowed to own books. Everything is digital, which is definitely a good prediction as the world is already leaning more that way. Jodie loves to read hard copy books however and will do anything that she can to get her hands on them. Jodie loves her library card because it allows her and her friends to time travel back in time. Jodie and her friends go on these amazing adventures that she loves! While she is traveling in time, she grabs on to her favorite books and hold on to them. This book is full of adventure and very fun. We read through it in a day and we are planning on reading the second one as well!

Reviews for the magic pillows via


By Fiona Mullard Jun 16, 2013

where can the pillow be bought? could do with some magical dreams. Very colorful illustrations.

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By Book worm Jun 14, 2013

The story is captivating, and the illustration's are wonderful. The fact you have incorporated morals into the story is brilliant. I got 2 copies.

feed back for the magic of christmas...



 By Dianne Jackson All books/booklets such as this one speak in a way no other form of a children's story book can do. This captures a charm that does not exist among typical bookstore offerings or price tags! Here is a level of authenticity that is untainted by non author polish. The story is captured almost as purely as if one stands beside the author and illustrator as they complete their work. Like fresh baked bread or home grown heirloom tomatoes, this way of sharing a children's story can not be matched! For these reasons alone I give this one five stars. Please authors, link up and make it easier to find more like this one.


* * * * *

 By Jessica Harper

Having recently become a fan of Julie's work, I thought I might review what I have read so far. I loved this story, so full of fantasy and strange plants creatures of unknown quantity, left a lot to your imagination, my daughter so loved this story and often saw herself as the heroine Essy herself. I think Julie writes with a special touch for children who want to be the heros in stories but just cant quite make it in real life. A great story for the ordinary child.

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Oct. 12, 2009 By Faith Hill

"wonderfull book, brilliantly told." My daughter and most of her class mates now have this book, and I need to congratulate you on your wonderful storytelling. Everyone is so looking forward to your visit to the school..The book is one of the best we have seen in a while for the age group you write for. I wish there were more like that. I have heard you will write more? will they be in the shops?

Anyway wonderfull book, brilliantly told.

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Jun. 11, 2009 By Jeb Custer

"Cool story" My little sister ,loved this story! Even the noshings, where the hell did you get this stuff from! pure genuius .

"from Tonette Smith"

hello Julie..... I read your Book.... LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really did, Read it in one go and was taken in by it, loved the way you wrote it and you used your imagination to your best!!!! but also a bit near the truth! You know the best for the children bit....... Funny enough today in the paper I read in Bolton that the council was called in to test for noise pollution, you will never in a million years guess where it was for????????I will tell you ........ are you ready......... a primary school play ground!!!!!!!!!! no kidding it is true it was in today's paper!!! so you are very, very near the knuckle (political) so to speak in many ways Julie. My guess is many... More >teenagers probably won't guess the extent and that is my point because as an adult I really did enjoy it! I mean I did your other book but this had underlying tones that I think us grown ups pick up on and that the teenagers would but not to the extent that parents do, if you see what I mean.


I enjoyed the journey that the children went on ( I could feel the fear at the lake) oh and when they were in the space ship their own dreams that was reflected there and I could picture what they could see. where they went and the smells.......... you wrote it so well, oh yes and once again you mentioned a teacher!


Another very, very good book. But you don't need me to tell you that you have loads of fans to do that lol............ I am sooooooo proud of you Julie


Thank you for your books..... you know that they are kept in safe keeping until my grandchild is an adult to be passed on? and on this I am not joking! < Less

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Sep. 4, 2009 By Kenneth Hodgson

"Unbelivable!" She has done it again...Shes shown us a world of, fear and and horror and bought us into the place where we would never have gone alone....,

If any child had the chance to do something special I’m sure they would take the task with gusto, these three children that have been chosen for this job by a group of aliens that have visited earth on many occasions would prove an adventure of their wildest dreams......

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* * * * *

Aug. 12, 2010 By Jessica Harper

Now I would call this pollitically incorect in the nicest possible way, especially for Uk society where everyone in authority is so anal about health and safety rules, this made me laugh out loud, she does a great job of showing just how stupid people can be on their own doorstep. Great sci fi story, nice charachters too, boy or girl can relate to the three kids that help the story along. Again written with htis theme of good parenting and subliminal messages to the bad ones. really good book, great writing and an easy read for kids.

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Oct. 7, 2009 By Jenny Fisher

"wishes could come true" Oh how I wish this book would come true! such a joy it would be, even though its slightly scarey.

It is SO cool!


I love the poem, the wish at the begining of the book, it made me cry!


You must be a special person to think of mankind like you did in your book.

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Jul. 20, 2009 By Jeb Custer

"Disconcertingly brilliant" Hmmm after reading this book, the author has lulled us into a false sense of security? who will end up staying on earth!

The books is good, I know its for kiddies but the message is quite powerful, the book reads as if there are two messages, one for the kids and one for us!

Awsome but disconcerting at the same time.


The first in a new series by Hodgson (Sally Socket and the Fire Angel, 2013, etc.) takes young readers on a wild romp

through time.

Twelve-year-old Jodie Broom has a library card that allows her to go anywhere in the past, but she can only stay there

for one hour before the “spring back” feature returns her to the year 2075. She chooses to go to her favorite time ever,

the 1980s, to see some of the greatest musicians play and record “Do They Know It’s Christmas?,” the famous Band Aid

charity song. But before she hears one note, her library card malfunctions, dumping her back in 2075 on the desk of Ms.

Noble, the cranky librarian. Despite that era’s amazing technology, it isn’t that great a place to live: no plants grow, food

is made of “astro-foam.” Also, paper books are illegal, and when Jodie’s parents discover that she’s smuggled a

collection of them from the past, they tell her to get rid of them. In a snit, Jodie and her best friend, Pacman, seek out

Otso, a man who can fix their library cards so that they can stay in the past for as long as they want. In return, Otso has a

mission for them—to retrieve a magic book from the tent of Attila the Hun—and he sends his nephew, Kai, along to

help. Soon they’re hopping around in time, learning about the various events they visit, but when they try to return home,

they find themselves at the “End of the World” instead—with no idea how to get back home. The book’s engaging setup

provides an opportunity to teach young readers about diverse historical events, such as the Blitz in World War II and the

sinking of the Titanic.  Jodie is a realistic

young heroine, whose love of books and learning is infectious, but sometimes her thoughts seem too mature for a tween

(“Our lives need to be filled with treasured memories, as many as possible so when you get older you can relive the

precious memories and keep them safe”). The conclusion is left open-ended for a sequel, but it’s unexpectedly

distressing for such a generally lighthearted tale.

A sci-fi kids’ book  offers a unique premise and an engaging protagonist.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome read. My 18 year old son really love ... March 9, 2015

By Victoria Reagan

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Jodie and the Library Card, Awesome read.

My 18 year old son really love this book. He love reads a lot so i decided to download this Jodie and the Library Card for him. The awesome story of 12-year old Jody, who loves to read.Jodie sets out on quests with her ever precious library card, which is used for time travel. despite the fact that the library teacher don't always like the kids using them, But Jodie absolutely fell in love with it.

This book was well worth the price. I wish it was a little longer. Other than that this book was great! Recommended

From Barnes and Noble.. Reveiw for Jodie and the libray card

Posted June 13, 2012

This is such an excellent read. I'm so sick of people writing about vampires or wizards, so this is such a refreshing change!

Love the historical feel to this book, morals and history, one thing our kids need, and also a good story to boot.

Jolly well done to the author. This IS best seller material! I gave tops marks for pleasing my daughter!

Bertrands PT reveiws.

Leitura espetacular

Com excepção dos livros de banda desenhada nunca me interessei tanto por um livro como este. A Jodie leva-nos a conhecer alguns países, a viajar tanto sem sairmos do lugar,até mesmo o nosso portugal! É contagiante o entusiasmo e alegria da miuda. Aconselho a adultos e a crianças

Sandra Silva | 23-08-13


I took this book on holiday, and read it in an afternoon, I could not put it down, Jodie really shows you that life is not worth living if you don't have a book! Takes you to most countries you would not usually travel too and makes it fun along the way. Love the characters, Otso and little Mooshka! the writing is very much like Enid Blyton , looking forward to the next one.

Sally Maidens | 21-08-13

A conjugação perfeita entre ficção e factos históricos

Nunca imaginei ler um livro de fantasia com tantos factos históricos da sociedade mundial. Uma conjugação perfeita! Este livro bilingue é uma aventura que permite desfrutar de duas línguas, sendo apropriado a crianças e adultos a aprender inglês ou português! Didático e pedagógico!

Ana | 10-01-13

The Mothaich

Julie Hodgson

ISBN: 9781409238195


Reviewed By Chelsea Perry

Official Apex Reviews Rating: 4 stars

Despite being only eight years old, young Essalina soon finds herself

confronted with greater challenges than many of those four- and five-times her age will ever endure...suddenly thrust in the midst of an intriguing fantasy world,

Essalina embarks on a crucial quest to prevent the spread of evil from destroying

all that the mystical land holds dear...however, what the brave young girl lacks in

stature, she makes up for in courage and resolve – both of which she’ll need if she

hopes to outwit the sinister Bruxa Ja’rh and their deadly ilk...

A quick, yet enjoyable read, The Mothaich is an engrossing fantasy tale. In

it, author Julie Hodgson has crafted an imaginative world full of unique, original

characters who find their fates inexorably linked to the success of Essalina’s

daunting trek. Through lyrically compelling language, Hodgson relates an inspiring morality tale of bravery, strength, and the courage to stand up to evil – no matter which form it may take; as such, The Mothaich is particularly appealing to young readers, serving as a powerful reminder of our individual responsibility to use our varied gifts and talents for the benefit of all mankind. A recommended read.

By Mary Leigh

"brilliant!" This has sent a ripple of excitment through my classroom, most of the copies that thechildren purchased, are now dog eared from reading over and over again.

Its been a pleasure to read your books Julie, you have made lots of children very happy indeed.

I have noticed from your web that you have a new book due soon! Looking forward to that very much.

I know this book has been nominated fro the childrens book prize The pearson prize.

Good luck..

"Re: Amazing" Thankyou very much for your kind words. :o)


Oct. 15, 2009 By Jenny Fisher

"imaginative" So beautiful and imaginative, could not put the book down from first page to last, love the characters, especially the evil Bruxa Ja 'rh.

Very cool book to read

Oct. 15, 2009 By neil Bennet

"Well done" Book covers are SO important when searching for books, your is superb, the preview was excellent, kept me entertained. When I have read the book to my neice I shall post a further review.

Well done and good luck!



Jun. 11, 2009 By Jeb Custer

"Cool story" My little sister ,loved this story! Even the noshings, where the hell did you get this stuff from! pure genuius .