Jodie and the library card

Category : Literature & Fiction
By: Julie Hodgson (Author)

Jodie Broom, a 12-year-old girl (almost 13!), is like most girls her age. She loves her friends, music, and is always up for a good adventure. What she treasures above all else are books and she is consumed by them, reading and collecting whatever she can to satisfy

Carry On Singing: Quarantine Choir

Category : Literature & Fiction
By: Julie Hodgson (Author)

If she had been asked just months before whether preparing to sing solo in front of this applauding audience could have possibly been in her future, she would have laughed, but so much seemed unimaginable then: Portugal, sunshine the virus, the choir,

Lilly Peppertree: Lillys Trollformel

By: Julie Hodgson (Author)

Året är 1612, en tid då det är farligt att vara häxa. I
byn Pendle i Lancaster är folket rädda för häxor och alla kvinnor som
misstänks ha häxkrafter förs bort till dödsträdet för att hängas.
Men det finns inga riktiga häxor.

Julie Hodgson Author

About Me

Julie travels around Europe and further afield, where she is always on tour with her promotion of reading to children and visiting numerous schools.

She speaks 3 languages, which aids her in communication with children from all walks of life.

An edition of Jodie and the library card in a bilingual edition was published. In 2012 via Opera Omnia publishing house , It is now in swedish, and many of her books will be translated.

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Findinf Fizz…. Sneak preview.

Sam had no idea how long he had been there; it could have been five minutes, it could have been his whole life. It was definitely peaceful, there was no disputing that, but the peace, the beauty, didn’t reach him. It was as if he had landed in paradise twenty seconds...

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