Shakur Stevenson: The Champ from Newark

Shakur Stevenson, the boxing sensation from Newark, New Jersey, has made a name for himself in the ring. Let’s dive into his story, fights, and some cool facts about the champ!

Shakur Stevenson: The Early Days

Shakur Stevenson: The Champ from Newark

Shakur was born on June 28, 1997, and he’s now 26 years old. Growing up in Newark, he dreamt big. But little did he know, he would go on to become a two-weight world champion!

Shakur Stevenson: Knockout Stats

With a record of 21 wins and 10 knockouts, Stevenson is a force to be reckoned with in the ring. Standing at 5-foot-7, he’s got a reach of 68 inches, and his southpaw stance makes him a tricky opponent.

From Olympics to Championships

Stevenson represented the United States in the 2016 Olympics and snagged the silver medal. Talk about starting strong! He later went on to claim the WBO featherweight title with a solid win against Joet Gonzalez in 2019.

Shakur Stevenson: Title Collector

Stevenson isn’t just a one-title wonder. He added the WBO junior lightweight belt in 2021 by defeating Jamel Herring with a TKO. And in 2022, he outshone Oscar Valdez, clinching the WBC 130-pound title. Stevenson is 4-0 in title fights, proving he’s not just good; he’s phenomenal.

Shakur Stevenson: Recent Battles and Wins

Stevenson keeps adding victories to his resume. His recent fights include a unanimous decision win against Edwin De Los Santos, earning him the WBC lightweight title. Before that, he knocked out Shuichiro Yoshino in the sixth round. These wins only add to his already impressive record.

Upcoming Action

Stevenson’s next fight is still to be announced. The excitement is building up as fans eagerly wait to see who the champ will take on next. The suspense is part of what makes boxing so thrilling!

A Glimpse into the Ring

Let’s take a quick look at some of Stevenson’s notable victories:

  • Oscar Valdez (04/30/2022): Stevenson won the Unified WBC/WBO junior lightweight titles with a unanimous decision after 12 rounds.
  • Jamel Herring (10/23/2021): Stevenson secured the WBO junior lightweight title with a TKO in the 10th round.
  • Joet Gonzalez (10/26/2019): Stevenson claimed the WBO featherweight title with a unanimous decision after 12 rounds.

A Knockout Journey

From his first win against Oscar Mendoza in 2017 to becoming a double weight-class champion, Stevenson’s journey is nothing short of remarkable. He’s faced tough opponents and emerged victorious, earning the respect of fans and fellow boxers alike.

Closing Thoughts

Shakur Stevenson’s story is one of hard work, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of greatness. Whether you’re a boxing enthusiast or just love a good underdog tale, Stevenson’s journey is one to follow. Keep an eye out for his next big fight, and let’s see how this Newark champ continues to conquer the boxing world!

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